Reliable skid plate system for green concrete • Spring-loaded skid plate that stays down on the surface to help prevent spalling • Heavy duty design but light weight enough for two people to lift • Fully adjustable handle bars for operator comfort • Five wheels under the frame for increased stability • Cyclone air filter for increased air flow • Up-cut design to keep debris from going back in the cut • Blade raise/lower mechanical mechanism with spring loaded release • Single ribbed drive belt • Includes vacuum attachment guard plate

Specifications :
2 Years

Max. Depth of Cut 1.5” with 6.5” diameter blade Blade Shaft RPM 4020 Blade Shaft Diameter 1-1/4” Arbor Size 1” Depth Indicator Standard Dimensions 16.94” wide, 21.80” tall, 32.92” long. Honda® GX160 4.8 HP, 7.6 Torque (lbs.-ft.)


Comes with one blade installed.